SiO2 Ltd - The CO2 Trading and Technology Transfer Company

Cutting CO2 emission helps to reduce the magnitude of climate change.

Cutting CO2 emission is also becoming a key differentiator for a successful business, as customer and public expectations are changing in the light of climate change.

SiO2 has a long-standing commitment to green markets and offers comprehensive solutions for carbon credits, investment opportunities in CDM/VCS/GS projects and a wide range of consultancy services.

We work with you to understand your emissions reduction objectives, and to develop innovative solutions that deliver commercial and environmental benefits.

We are focused on delivering the best results to our clients and highly responsive to your needs.


Carbon Offset Projects

We specialise and excel in one of the world's biggest carbon markets - with a dedicated sourcing team and excellent networks in China, we help our clients to identify and acquire the best investment opportunities to offset their carbon footprints.

    SiO2 now represents many carbon project developers across China and works closely with many Chinese government agencies in this area.

Carbon credits/offsets trading

We supply to UK and EU companies with a full range of carbon credits (CERs and VERs) for contracts of various sizes. Our current portfolio includes CERs from wind power, hydro power to coal mine methane recovery.


We have an experienced team of consultants and auditors to help clients manage their carbon programme to meet their commercial / ethical objectives.

Investing in China

We help UK and EU companies in the environmental sector to expand their business in China by supplying projects leads and advising them on extensive areas from setting up operations, establishing strategic alliances, to managing cross-cultural differences.

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Our Missions

  • Promoting
    carbon neutral

As a leading player in the carbon trading market, SiO2 is dedicated in promoting the idea of carbon neutral and helping enterprises across the UK and Europe to reduce their CO2 emissions.

  • Enabling Efficient
    & Cost-effective solutions

Mitigating environmental impacts doesn't always mean a high cost. By supplying different types of carbon credits and offering a wide range of projects and investment opportunities, SiO2 helps clients to identify the most efficient and cost-effective ways to meet carbon reduction requirements.

  • Facilitating
    Tech Transfer

SiO2 is a strong advocate of technology transfer which we believe is key to implementing any measures to address environmental challenges including climate change on a global scale.



About us

SiO2 was established in 2005. We are now a fast growing company with experience, skills and a good track record and we aspire to become one of the most successful carbon trading and technology transfer businesses between the EU and China.