Our Company

SiO2 was established in 2005. We are now a fast growing company with experience, skills and a good track record and we aspire to become one of the most successful carbon trading and technology transfer businesses between the EU and China.

> Experience
Since 2005, SiO2 has worked with 70+ businesses and institutions across the UK and the EU to originate carbon projects, manage their carbon portfolio and guide the development of their strategic offsetting strategies.

> Premium Quality
Quality is king at SiO2. Our goal is to provide only the highest quality products and services that satisfy our clients' needs and expectations the first time, every time.

> Commitment to Partnership
Our approach to our clients is uniquely characterised by three pillars: an assurance of supplying the highest quality products and services, an emphasis on providing tailered solutions that best suit clients' needs, and a commitment to developing lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

> Risk Mitigation
SiO2 is committed to helping clients to effectively manage their counterparty and project risk, market risk, and most importantly, regulatory risk.


Promoting carbon neutral
As a leading player in the carbon trading market, SiO2 is dedicated in promoting the idea of carbon neutral and helping enterprises across the UK and Europe to reduce their CO2 emissions.

Enabling Efficient & Cost-effective solutions
Mitigating environmental impacts doesn't always mean a high cost. By supplying different types of carbon credits and offering a wide range of projects and investment opportunities, SiO2 helps clients to identify the most efficient and cost-effective ways to meet carbon reduction requirements.

Facilitating Technology transfer
SiO2 is a strong advocate of technology transfer which we believe is key to implementing any measures to address environmental challenges including climate change on a global scale.

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Our markets

We are very active in carbon trading and technology transfer. Read more about these two exciting markets.


Client Quote

"SiO2's impressive experience enabled them to really understand our needs and their strong networks in China helped us to capture a unique investment opportunity."