Natural Essence - Air Purifier from Herbs Extracts Powered by Nano Tech

1 Oct 2010

Natural Essence
Extracted from clove, tea tree, patchouli, lavender, eucalyptus etc, Natural Essence is a product of innovative nano-technology. It is a solid crystal that vaporises at room temperature, creating nanoparticles which 1) neutralise and precipitate very fine particles; 2) kill bacteria in the air by penetrating their cell walls and degrading their cell integrity. This process purifies air and provides people a clean and refreshing breathing environment.

Unique Benefits
Compared to high efficiency filters and carbon filters, Natural Essence Air Purifiers have many benefits which are tested and certified by international standard organisations including SGS:
> Neutralises VOCs (e.g. formaldehyde, chlorofluorocarbons and chlorocarbons from paintings and coatings)
> Kills germs, viruses and >99.9% bacteria
> Removes dust, allergens, smoke and odours
The additional fragrance and essential oil functions also surround the room with refreshing and relaxing aroma.

The Products
Three series of Natural Essence air purifiers are created to cater for demands from the following 3 different markets:

I. B-Series for Buildings B-series, designed for large buildings, may work as stand-alone devices covering areas up to 100m2 or in conjunction with central air conditioning systems and ventilation systems.
II. C-Series for In-Car Use Unlike most in-car air purifiers, C-series work like in-car fragrances and don't need any power supply. They are also proven to be much more effective than many other in-car air purifiers.
III. H-Series for Home Use H-Series, of attractive, space-savings designs, energy efficiency and quiet operation are a welcome addition to both homes and small offices.

Proven Success
Natural Essence is enjoying great success in China, being supplied to hundreds of thousands of homes as well as many high profile clients including local governments, public services agencies and hospitals. Shanghai Expo 2010 also adopted Natural Essence to create a clean breathing environment for its millions of visitors from worldwide.

Seeking Agents/Distributors
SiO2 Ltd is currently developing the European distributor network for Natural Essence, and is seeking national and regional distributors to market this product.

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Market in China

Working with leading players in the environment & energy sector as well as local government authorities in China, we are constantly on the lookout for companies around the globe with leading environment and/or energy technologies. If you are such an organisation and is looking to expand in one of world's largest market, we are right here to help you.