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Our Missions

  • Promoting
    carbon neutral

As a leading player in the carbon trading market, SiO2 is dedicated in promoting the idea of carbon neutral and helping enterprises across the UK and Europe to reduce their CO2 emissions.

  • Enabling Efficient
    & Cost-effective solutions

Mitigating environmental impacts doesn't always mean a high cost. By supplying different types of carbon credits and offering a wide range of projects and investment opportunities, SiO2 helps clients to identify the most efficient and cost-effective ways to meet carbon reduction requirements.

  • Facilitating
    Tech Transfer

SiO2 is a strong advocate of technology transfer which we believe is key to implementing any measures to address environmental challenges including climate change on a global scale.



Client Quote

"SiO2's impressive experience enabled them to really understand our needs and their strong networks in China helped us to capture a unique investment opportunity."